REACH's Approach to COVID-19

The safety of our families, children and therpaists is paramount. Reach Therapy is actively monitoring and following county & state protocol regarding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Our therapists will consult each family individually and develop a plan to ensure that everyone is comfortable and safe.

Until further notice, Reach Therapy will be enacting the following protocol for all of our in-home therapy sessions:

  • We'll aim to have all sessions occur outside in a shaded area (ideally, in the back yard or patio of the house or apartment building).
  • Therapists will wear masks while interacting with families and children.
  • Therapists will disinfect all toys, technology & anything else that will be used during the session.
  • If a child or family member is sick or exhibits any symptoms related to COVID-19, Reach Therapists will automatically cancel or suspend services until they feel it is safe to resume

If you have any questions related to the current pandemic and how it relates to ABA services, please contact us at