Project R.E.A.Ch. International

Reach Therapy's non-profit arm

Our work only begins in San Diego...

The need for ABA (and support for special needs children in general) is global. It is estimated that 4 in 5 children with developmental disabilities live in the developing world. Unlike in the U.S., many of these countries have very limited resources and children are simply left behind with no path to grow. To address this issue, Reach Therapy works to improve the outcomes of these children across the world via its non-profit arm, Project R.E.A.Ch. International.

Project R.E.A.Ch.’s Global Initiative for Special Education aims to create equality and empower those with special needs across the developing world. Through select international partnerships, needs-assessments and implementation of ongoing projects, the Global Initiative aims to create hubs for knowledge which can then be disseminated across the region. Currently, we have projects in the works in Costa Rica, Nepal & Tanzania.

It is the vision of Reach Therapy is to eventually involve its U.S.-based staff in this work as well as leverage our expertise in the field of ABA to promote awareness of developmental disorders in the developing world. We will, thus, create a link between our work with children here in San Diego to the thousands of those who need these services globally.